Monday, January 12, 2009

The blue vitamin: B-12 (cobalamin)

My new protocol (Rich Van Konynenberg’s simplified Yasko) calls for 2-4 gm daily of sublingual B-12 in a form that is difficult to find: hydroxycobalamin. I have found only two suppliers. This particular form has the beneficial property of scavening free radicals and toxins. It converts easily to the active form, methylcobalamin, if the body does what it is supposed to do with methyl groups.

The least expensive and therefore most common form of supplemental B-12 is cyanocobalamin. But the cyan has to removed in the body, and then the cobalamin has to be attached to a methyl group or an adenosyl group for the vitamin to become 'active' and useful. So those of us with methylation issues don't benefit from the inexpensive cyanocobalamin. I know this from experience: I took tons of B-12, including shots, and never saw a change in lab tests showing an increased need for this vitamin.

Now the universe is playing cat and mouse with me. I wait and wait for the hydroxy B-12 to arrive, the product I am supposed to start 2 weeks after the other products. Two weeks have come and gone. The bottles I ordered a week before Christmas arrived at my mother’s after I returned to Ohio. The bottles I re-ordered early last week were mis-routed in shipping. Today a package arrived with everything I’d ordered except the B-12.

Disappointment leads to anger. I want things to go my way. That’s how I envision the universe supporting me.

When I stop fighting reality, it occurs to me that there could be a beneficial reason for the delay. I remember a story told by an Indian swami of a man who angrily complained he was prevented from boarding a ferry by officials who misidentified him as a suspect. Later they learned the boat had capsized. Perhaps I should experiment further with the methyl B-12 I already have at home?

I cut a tablet into 6 pieces and take one of them – a dose of about 833 mgs, one third the amount I took last week that kept me from sleeping. (See my post of **) I don’t notice anything until the evening. Then I find...

• I am not starving for dinner even though I had a small lunch.
• I have significantly more energy doing my yoga practice. I do challenging poses I haven’t tried in a long time with little effort.
• I am not cold for once. Hurray!
• I am less stressed than I was earlier (about techno-computer things that aren’t working properly).

I am ready to make a small amount of methyl B-12 a part of my regimen if I sleep decently tonight. Rich wants my body to make its own methyl B-12, though, which will be great, if and when it happens.

Is it the extra methyl groups, or the cobalamin that is helping? We’ll find out when the hydroxy B-12 arrives.

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