Friday, August 14, 2009

Ramblings of a Detox Skeptic

Okay, folks. So my current rash of symptoms could be detox. That's the optimist speaking.

But my mind still keeps thinking other explanations are more likely. Sure I'm a champion worrier (a skill I learned from my parents and mastered when I became a mother).

Two weeks ago I was sure I had some kind of virus. I had the standard virus pattern: crappy in the morning, a little better in the afternoon, ready to shake up the world at night. Crappy is not a medical term, so here goes: congestion, sore throat, swollen glands, sleeping til all hours of the morning, lethargy, insomnia. It was deja-vu, like I'd time-traveled back to 1987 to the beginning of my illness.

Sunday I felt better. Monday much better. "I'm finally over that virus," I announced to David, who said he thought he was coming down with it. Tuesday, I injected a lower dose of B-12, and despite mild headache and fatigue later in the day, felt so good on Wednesday that I took my first walk in six weeks!!!! How wonderful to be outside, moving, breathing, and seeing other human beings. Ah!

But guess what? Thursday (yesterday) was the pits. Back to congestion, colored mucus, tender glands everywhere, more aching than before around my dental surgery site. I saw the doctor in the morning, got lunch, rested, and went to a movie. I felt sick during the movie and developed a headache in my eyes and sinuses and even a little queasiness and dehydration. I canceled plans for the dinner hour, lay in bed at a relative's house, did some gentle yoga, and finally succumbed to the pill-popping culture by popping my own, pink ibuprofen. So much for my big day of fun in Columbus!

I suspect I have an infection in the bone. Aagh! Yes, this serious, and yet I don't want to spend $100 running back to the dentist who pulled my broken front tooth in May. The bone cavity got infected 4 days later. I did a penicillin shot for that infection and felt immediately better Five weeks later the dentist did surgery at the same site to clean out the new soft tissue and implant bone growth matrix. While I sat in the dentist's chair for 2 1/2 hours listening to scalpels scrape against bone, I reminded myself my bone needed help to grow strong for an implant so I wouldn't have to become a toothless old hag.

So why I am worried?

First, I'm a champion worrier when it comes to health. It's a defense all of us with ME-CFS learn sooner or later. Docs either ignore us, tell us we are 'very healthy' because our blood tests look great (even though the tests aren't measuring the problem) or attribute everything we have wrong to ME-CFS, failing to diagnose other things that come along.

Second, the penicillin shot I took to prevent infection (after the 2nd surgery) only lasts a month. That month was up 3 weeks ago. I've been getting worse since then. Every time I feel a little pain, I poke and prod and try to self-diagnose

Maybe I will know more tomorrow; for sure, by the end of next week. Yesterday I parted with 6 tubes of red hot blood, and 1/2 cup of yellow urine.

Til then.... I remember Alfred E. Newman from my childhood: What me worry?
Twould be better to sleep, perchance to dream. I'll go torture myself with another B-12/GSH injection.

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