Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Intake Appointment

"You look healthy on the outside, but you're a mess on the inside," said my new doctor.  He had just examined me and looked at my test results.

His words reverberate in my head like the resonance of bells long after they've been struck.  This is the first time I've met a doctor who understands the significance of my abnormal test results, who understands what I'm dealing with and how hard I have worked to get myself to my current level of functioning.

I was anxious this morning.  Will he be able to help me? I wondered. Will he say he has nothing to offer over what I've already tried?  

After taking my history, he was quiet.  "I need to figure out if I can help you," he said.

Part of me wanted to say, "You have to help me.  You're my last hope."  But I kept silent and waited.  Tears had welled in my eyes when I related how I recovered three times after years of therapies only to crash and sink from a few weeks of emotional stress. I held them back.

He put his hands on my shins and felt the flow of energy through my legs.  He did the same over my thighs.  He poked my belly and felt the bones of my pelvis.  My heart beat too loudly.  What if he were to conclude I am just a stressed out neurotic, a malingerer...?   I calmed myself with long, slow breaths, urging my heart beat to slow to normal.

When he finished examining me, I sat up and pulled out a stack of 8 green file folders stuffed with lab test results.  He looked at my abysmally low amino acids.  He looked carefully through tests of metals and minerals, both hair and urine, dating back to 1994.  He glanced briefly at the results of organic acid testing with many acids below measurable levels and others indicating serious imbalances.  Then he set out his initial treatment plan.

  • Keep a temperature log, taking oral temperature twice a day.
  • Do a saliva test for E2 (one of the forms of estrogen) and progesterone
  • Start intravenous amino acid drips next week, 3 times a week, putting in a picc line if necessary
  • Order serum tests for testosterone and DHEA-s (both adrenal hormones) as well as infectious viruses EBV, Coxsackie, CMV, and mycoplasma (not a virus, but just as pesky a moocher living inside our cells)
  • After a week of building up with amino acids, I'll do a DMPS challenge test for heavy metals, using a dose low enough that it won't make me sick for days or months.
  • Neural therapy, with focus on scar where dental surgery was done early this summer.
What a relief!  He feels he can help.  He has a treatment plan.  He says it will take anywhere from several months to several years, depending upon how often I get treatments and how my body responds.

I am healing already.  My body has a fever for the first time in years:  99.2   It is not pleasant, but I take it as a good sign that my immune system is strong enough to mount a response to kill off some of the little critters who've been mooching off me for years.



  1. I had a similar experience a month ago when I finally found a doctor who could see the internal illness that was spelled out by my test results.

    On one hand it was kind of scary to be told, hey, you're really sick; but on the other hand it made me very optimistic, because I've known I'm very sick, and doctors who can't see that are going to have a hard time getting me better.

    Haha that is wonderful news about the fever! it's funny how we hypothyroid or immune-suppressed people can take a fever as a cause for celebration.

  2. Well, I am very interested in neural therapy.Is you doctor in Southern California ?

  3. Sounds promising, Janis! My fingers are crossed for you. I'm glad to hear the LDN may be helping as well. Keep us posted on your progress!


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