Monday, December 28, 2009

Laser Energetic Detox in Florida

It's taken me more than a week to recover from my trip to Florida and find the energy to write.  I didn't expect LED (laser energetic detox) to be such an intense experience.  For those who might consider trying it, here is what it is like.  

Day 1:  
Dr. Doug Phillips had boxes and boxes of little glass vials laid out on a large table.  We talked for a few minutes. Then the testing began.  I lay down on a massage table and raised my right arm towards the ceiling.  As he held different vials against different parts of my body, he tried to push my arm down towards the table, and noted whether my arm locked or easily gave way.  Here's a picture of Dr. Doug with his vials.

This is a style of applied kinesiology (AK) known as autonomic response testing.  AK has been around in many versions ranging from Touch for Health to Contact Reflex Analysis.  It seems easy, but having tried doing it myself and often getting inconclusive readings, I know that it takes practice and skill. Dr. Doug was quite competent.  The readings, for the most part, were clear -- my arm either had no resistance whatsoever, or it held so steady that I would not have believed he was pushing if it were not for the muscle tension in his neck and shoulders.

Here's what he found:
1.  Entamoeba histolytica (an amoeba that causes dysentery and ulcerative colitis) in colon and liver
2.  Reactions to GABA and B Complex.
3.  Toxicity from mercury, aluminum (especially in the parathyroid), glutaraldehyde, benzene-xylene-toluene, barium-thallium,  sulfa and sulfur, DAPs (a class of pesticides that includes malathion and other nasty stuff), and diazepam (Valium) toxicity.

I'm pretty skeptical about muscle testing.  I figure that, if a physicist can affect an experiment in an accelerator 20 miles away just by knowing the time of the experiment, a practitioner with expectations ought to find what he is looking for.  Yes his findings were different from those he found for my friend, and most of them confirmed things I'd already determining in laboratory testings.

For example, I knew I had mercury and aluminum toxicity because these were the two toxic metals that I dumped in the highest amounts in my recent hair analysis test.  (See my post, More on metals)  I wasn't surprised by high barium after having had two barium enemas when I was in my 20's, and although thallium has never turned up on another toxicology report, its widespread use in things ranging from electronics to ant traps and pesticides makes it possible that I had exposure in the past.  Glutaraldehyde was used in the past to sterilize equipment used in colonoscopies and may have been introduced into my colon with the barium enemas or a sigmoidoscopy that I had 10 years ago.   In 2007, an organic acids test from Metametrix showed very high levels of benzene and xylene coming out.   Finally, I had reactions to sulfa antibiotics in the past, and have had trouble getting the sulfur pathways working properly in my body.   (see my past blog on the transulfuration pathways:)   Who knows where I got the DAPs, but I didn't eat organic 100% until sometime after 2000.  Since these molecules get deposited in fatty tissue (of which I have a greater supply than ever before), they remain in the body often for life.  It was interesting to discover that DAPs are associated with pervasive developmental disorder in children, for my daughter has PDD, a subset of the autism spectrum disorders.

The only thing that surprised me was my sensitivity to diazepam.  I've barely taken it, compared with clonazepam (Klonopin), that standby for sleep in ME-CFS.  When I started getting palpitations from clonazepam 3 years ago, I tried Ambien, Lunesta, and then Halcion (an old pill from the 1980's), which I tolerated for awhile until it too started giving me palpitations.  Diazepam is the only one that doesn't do that to me.

Dr. Doug told me that he had one patient who had 10 toxic things for which she needed LED.  I got second place with 9 (there were too classes of mercury, most likely because the contact lens solutions and vaccines I used in the past used Thimerosal as preservative, while I got my share of inorganic mercury from ingesting fish, seafood, and dental amalgams.

My host and I returned to her 4th floor condo overlooking Pensacola Beach and the bay.  Even though the weather was foggy, I could see the bay and the gulf from the windows of her great room.  Eventually, the weather cleared and I took pictures of the views.  

It was warm outside, compared to the 12 degree weather I'd left in Ohio, but not warm enough for the cottons and corduroys I'd brought with me.  I crawled into her BioMat Fir sauna and relaxed until bedtime.

Day 2:
My second day involved two processes.  First, Doug instructed me in how to take the herbs he was planning to order for me.  Then, he began desensitizing me to the 9 toxic items as well as to other things in my own body to which I was reacting and some of the detox compounds I would be taking (DMSA, Chlorella, and DMPS).

Desensitization was a weird experience!  It involving a lot of tapping on the acupuncture point just below the metacarpal bone of the little finger. I had to tap 33 times with one finger, then 33 times with thumb and index finger touching, then 33 times with thumb and 3rd finger touching, and so forth 33 times with 4th and 5th fingers. The side of my left hand was pretty tender by the time we finished.

After this, he tested for emotional blocks to my healing and came up with hurt from a person I loved at age 21. That was easy to figure out -- it was the year I moved to Boston with my (now ex-) husband after graduating college, and the first year I remember being disillusioned with him and my marriage. He did EMDR while I re-experienced the emotions of that year, put colored glasses over my chakras, had me do eye movements looking through colored glasses, and Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping on points on the head, chest and wrists while making affirmations). At the end, I felt weak and tired -- which was what he apparently wanted, calling it a yin state. I went home with instructions not to touch metal, be near electricity, wear anything but 100% natural fibers, or eat anything with sulfur, B vitamins, mercury, aluminum, or other heavy metals. I was left with non fortified white rice, fruit and olive oil which, in my weak, depressed state, with nothing but a pear in my belly before my 8 am appointment, left me very very unhappy.

I would not have expected 30 minutes of tapping and eye movements to have much effect, but it did. I was miserable within an hour or two, alternately wanting to cry or kill someone. I developed a terrible detox headache, mild nauseau, fatigue, and insomnia. I tried to clean myself out with activated charcoal and a water enema, but neither had a significant impact in reducing my miserable state of blocked detoxification. Dr. Doug reassured me I'd be over it in 25 hours. My host helped me get to sleep with acupuncture, crystal healing, reflexology and energy work.

Day 3
The next morning I felt much better physically but still somewhat unbalanced emotionally, so he repeated the emotional release work, this time finding the block at age 41 with my second husband. He was an abusive jerk, and it was most unpleasant to bring up those memories with EMDR. I refused to do EFT, but calmed myself with another technique that I've found works better for traumatic memories called TAT: Tapas Acupressure Technique. Then he did the first LED treatment.

He had me sit in a chair exposing my palms, the soles of my feet and my ears. This parts of the body contain acupuncture points that connected with every organ and system in the body. He first used a photon pulser with the vials of sulfa and sulfur over these areas and then went over the entire body and its energy field. A similar process was done with a red laser. Here's a picture of Doug shining the laser on my ear.

That night, I couldn't have any high sulfur foods.  As luck would have it, the refrigerator was full of high sulfur vegetables -- brussel sprouts, kale, broccoli.  I found a little lettuce and a few carrots and a piece of yellow squash.  I was allowed a small amount of chicken, which helped me get through the day without feeling deprived.  The detox was minor -- just a bit more fatigue than I normally feel.

Day 4
My last appointment was for another LED to release mercury.  This time I was given 3 capsules of DMSA, 4 capsules of chlorella, and 15 drops of cilantro tincture before the LED treatment.  The treatment was painless, and I didn't experience any unpleasant symptoms as I had after the densensitization treatment.

Dr.  Doug claims that, in 25 hours, one release the equivalent of mercury that would normally be released over 6 months of chelation.  It doesn't get everything out, but most people don't test for mercury toxicity again.

The proof is in the pudding, we say.  But what is the pudding in this case?

I reason that, if I really released 6 months worth of mercury, I should be able to tolerate DMPS chelation from my Columbus doctor without getting brain fog, spaciness, headaches, and fatigue.

I had one chelation the morning after I returned.   It was different from any chelation I'd done before because I didn't have the Aminosyn (amino acids).  Consequently, EDTA was put in the saline bag along with DMPS.  By all previous experiences, this one should have been pretty miserable.  I was cold and tired.  I had arrived home Sunday night at the terribly late hour of 11:30 PM.  By the time I had something to eat and got to sleep, it was after 1 AM.  When I got to the doctor the next morning at 10 am, hungry and a little revved up on decaf coffee, he said my kidney bladder energy was low and my brain stem was out.

Nevertheless,  I felt fine afterwards, and even in the evening, didn't have the kind of strong reactions I'd been having consistently in the past.  This could be a sign that I accomplished something worthwhile doing LED in Florida.  My next chelation will be Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, the herbs.
Before I left Florida, my herbs for the amoeba arrived from Monastery of Herbs.  I started taking them Friday night.

It is quite a ritual.  You have to wait two hours after eating or taking any supplements or medication.  So I took my naltrexone at 9 pm and waited until 11 to begin the ritual of the herbs.

 You swallow 4 capsules of chlorella.  Then you boil water, put 12-15 drops of cilantro in a teacup, and dilute the cilantro so that the alcohol in the tincture evaporates.  You mix in cool water and watch the clock.   20 minutes later, you drink the cilantro with four capsules of the herbs.  Then you set a timer for 5 minutes, and holding a powerful magnet over a spot on the back of the skull, about 2 finger widths above the occipital ridge, try not to think about how much your arm is hurting while you wait for the timer bell to ring.

After this, you must avoid synthetic clothing and bedding, shoe soles except pure leather, wire frame glasses, electric stoves, computers, cell phones, and even sex.  In other words, you become a monk!

I found the herbs stimulating.  All Friday night, I woke every hour or two. The second night, Saturday, was worse.  I developed loose stool, gas, and cramps that kept me awake for nearly the entire night.  As  result, I stayed in bed all of Sunday morning and missed a chance to take a farewell walk on the lovely Gulf coast beach.

Since returning home, I've modified the herb ritual to make sleep a possibility.  Instead of taking them at bedtime, I take them when I awaken in the early morning around 4 or 5 am.  I prepare the cilantro dilution in advance, and set everything beside the bed, including the magnet.  I gulp down the chlorella when I first awaken.  I get up and go to the bathroom.  I get back in bed 5 minutes later and gulp down the herbs and cilantro water.  I put the magnet against the back of my head and lie down on the pillow with my eyes closed.  When I think five minutes are up, I check the clock again.  Then I go back to sleep until 9 or 10 am.

This solution works for me, but the only difficulty about taking the herbs in the morning is that I have to go 6 hours without my supplements, and keep away from metal, EMR, synthetic clothing, etc until noon.  It's a small sacrifice for a night of good sleep. And I only have 9 more days of herbs to go.....   Aaah.  After  my last day I will have a huge celebration!  I will have the freedom to wear wool pants with liners, acrylic socks, and my imitation, synthetic Uggs.

At such moments I realize how little I appreciate the freedoms I do have until I lose them.

My husband just suggested we take a walk in the fresh snow.  Several years ago I was able to do that, but at the time, I didn't appreciate it.   I lamented because I wanted to do more.  I wanted  to walk for an hour or two, take hikes in the mountains, bike, and cross country ski.  I wanted to be able to tour museums for hours as I'd done all through my professional career as an art historian, and wander again through the historic streets of Rome.

Now, after losing the ability to take even a short walk at any time of day, I'll be grateful when I recover the ability to do so.  I look forward once again to ambling down the country lanes in the evening, looking at the broad expanse of starry sky without the pollution of city lights.   I hope, when that time comes, I'll remember to appreciate it every time I'm able to do it.  It's too easy to get caught up in wanting more and more.

I still have another 7 LED treatments to do, but they turned out to be nearly twice as expensive as I'd been told on the phone by the woman who makes Dr. Doug's appointments, and I don't yet know if the expense and discomfort will be worth the effort.

Has anyone reading tried LED?  What was your experience?  Leave a comment if you've tried it.

Friday, December 25, 2009

My XMRV results

I participated in a study run by the lab, Cooperative Diagnostics, located in Greenwood SC.  They received blood samples from about 50 individuals with severe to moderate CFS/ME.  The criteria for inclusion were PEM (post exertional malaise) and being at 50% or less capacity on the Bell scale of functioning for at least six months at some time during your illness.

The lab report wrote:
The two strains of XMRV found by Lombardi et al in chronic fagieu syndrome that were sequenced had roughly 6 bases that were different from prostate cancer XMRV.  We used these strains in addition to prostate cancer strains and several strains of murine leukemia viruses (MLV) in the design of our test.  In contrast to published tests for XMRV that have been designed in highly variable DNA regions in the MLV family ... we chose to design our initial test to use the pol gene so it could detect all MLV species, including XMRV.  This means we tsted a DNA sequence that has not changed in hundreds or even thousands of years on an evolutionary scale in the MLV family.  This test would be more apt to detect XMRV than any other test used.  Therefore, we would likely have more positives than previously reported in PCR tets for CFS when XMRV is actually present.
We also used a superior test sensitivity, enabling the detection of 10 to 25 times few viruses in a blood sample than previously reported tests for XMRV.  This was proven when we were able to detect XMRV in 1 infected 22Rv1 cell from a commercially available prostate cancer cell line in a background of 2.5 ug of extracted DNA from blood. We also designed a second test with the same performance characteristics of the first.  This allowed us to also evaluate the env genes, creating an extra confirmation step in our testing.
My result was negative.

One the one hand, I'm glad.  I don't want to have a retrovirus.  Don't want to worry about passing it onto my partner.

On the other hand, it leaves me wondering where we are on this journey to find the cause of CFS/ME.  There was so much excitement when the Whittemore Peterson Institute findings came out in early October.  Since that time, many individuals have tested negative.  And while some have tested positive, it leaves us wondering if XMRV could simply be another opportunistic infection, like HHV6, or EBV, or Coxsackie, or mycoplasm, rather than a great step forward in CFS research.

Some individuals who did testing through WPI were found negative by PCR (the kind of testing I did) but positive by viral culture.  (See the link to Joey's blog,  This leaves me wondering if I would also test positive for viral culture.

My doctor says that none of the patients he has been treating for several months are coming back positive for XMRV, either through Cooperative Diagnostics, or through the VIP lab in Reno.

So upward and onward.  Lots of things are showing up wrong in the urine and serum tests I've been taking as well as the muscle testing I did in Florida.  Hope to have the energy and time soon to tell you all about it.

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night."

Friday, December 11, 2009

Setbacks, hopefully temporary

It's been a difficult two weeks.  A few days after Thanksgiving, I did my regular I.V. drip of amino acids with added minerals and a small amount of DMPS.  Within a half hour I was tired and had to lie down.  By the end of the evening, I had a fever, and as the night progressed, my fever elevated.  By morning I was unable to keep liquids down and getting dehydrated as my fever climbed to 102.5

I celebrated the fact that my immune system had gotten strong enough to mount such a powerful response.  Figuring I had the flu, since I had mild upper respiratory congestion, I sucked on Sambucus lozenges (elderberry and vitamin C).

The next day (Tuesday) I had two medical appointments, one with my doctor for neural therapy, the other for the acupuncturist who often works out of his office.  Fortunately, I felt well enough to drive into Columbus, even though I still had a fever of just over 100 degrees and my mouth tasted like a sewer.  Brian, the acupuncturist, was a miracle worker.  He dispelled heat and increased yin and so forth -- theories from oriental medicine I don't understand at all.  Within 45 minutes, my fever was gone and I felt amazingly good.

The doctor then did neural therapy, remarking the whole time "how much better you are getting."  I left feeling well enough to stop at the food store to pick up a few items.    That was a mistake. By the time I walked up and down 4 aisles, I was ready to lie down.  I've undone the benefits of my treatment, I thought sadly.  But when I got home, I was a good girl and went to bed to nap for the rest of the afternoon.

I had some mild congestion on Wednesday, and took it easy.  Thursday, I drove back to Columbus feeling nearly fully recovered.  Another neural therapy session that morning, followed by another I.V.  I was cautious and declined both EDTA and DMPS, opting for a purely nutritional and restorative treatment.

By the time I got home, I had excruciating pain in my neck and spine.  Every vertebra in my back ached as well.  I spent the day in bed, observing the pain move to my kidneys and head.  By early evening, I had a high fever.

Time for an emergency call into Doc.  "You may have some bacteria in the picc line that is getting pushed into your system when you do an I.V.," he suggested.  "Can you come in tomorrow for a culture?"

The thought of driving with a high fever was mind-boggling.  I suffered through a night of high fever (again to 102.5) and nausea.  Just before daybreak, I reached my local M.D., who sent me to E.R.  Hours later, with my fever coming down, my picc line was removed and I went home to sleep.  I wasn't able to eat anything until later that evening.

So now I am without a picc line.  It is such a joy to take showers and baths without having to keep my left arm out of the water.  Aaaaah!  The whole has closed up nicely with only a tiny scar that, with Doc's homeopathic injections, ought to diminish fairly soon.

Meanwhile, I am still weak although it is a full week later.  Two days of high fever in less than a week; two days of fasting.  At least when I step on the scale the needle registers two pounds less!  That, and the freedom from the picc line, are the silver linings of these past two weeks.

The culture of my picc line was negative, but the hospital lab only took the end closest to the heart, not the end sticking out into the air, which is probably where the problem resided, so I'll never know if there was an infection.

Meanwhile, the day before the 2nd fever, the Doc had blood drawn to test a few things.  I learned (or rather got confirmation) that this detox protocol is stressing out my body.

  • my liver enzymes (AST and ALT) were elevated
  • my TSH went way up, although my free T3 went down only a tiny amount
  • my serum folate is still high
Fortunately, I am about to have a 10 day break.  I am leaving for Florida tomorrow.  Yeah!  Sun and surf.  My friend lives a block from the national seashore.  My camera is packed in my purse and ready to click.

I'll be in the panhandle, near Pensacola, and although it won't be swimming weather, it will surely be warmer than the sub zero temperatures we've been having in Ohio the past 3 days.

During my visit, I plan to meet with a practitioner who does Laser Energetic Detox.  My friend has had great results with this protocol. You can read her testimony here.  Discussion of LED

Laser energetic detox is more gentle and less invasive (and less expensive) than the neural therapy and I.V. chelation I've been doing.  My hope is that it will soothe things so that I can continue to work with Doc at a slower pace and still make consistently good progress.  

Perhaps in my next post I'll talk about L.E.D.