Friday, December 11, 2009

Setbacks, hopefully temporary

It's been a difficult two weeks.  A few days after Thanksgiving, I did my regular I.V. drip of amino acids with added minerals and a small amount of DMPS.  Within a half hour I was tired and had to lie down.  By the end of the evening, I had a fever, and as the night progressed, my fever elevated.  By morning I was unable to keep liquids down and getting dehydrated as my fever climbed to 102.5

I celebrated the fact that my immune system had gotten strong enough to mount such a powerful response.  Figuring I had the flu, since I had mild upper respiratory congestion, I sucked on Sambucus lozenges (elderberry and vitamin C).

The next day (Tuesday) I had two medical appointments, one with my doctor for neural therapy, the other for the acupuncturist who often works out of his office.  Fortunately, I felt well enough to drive into Columbus, even though I still had a fever of just over 100 degrees and my mouth tasted like a sewer.  Brian, the acupuncturist, was a miracle worker.  He dispelled heat and increased yin and so forth -- theories from oriental medicine I don't understand at all.  Within 45 minutes, my fever was gone and I felt amazingly good.

The doctor then did neural therapy, remarking the whole time "how much better you are getting."  I left feeling well enough to stop at the food store to pick up a few items.    That was a mistake. By the time I walked up and down 4 aisles, I was ready to lie down.  I've undone the benefits of my treatment, I thought sadly.  But when I got home, I was a good girl and went to bed to nap for the rest of the afternoon.

I had some mild congestion on Wednesday, and took it easy.  Thursday, I drove back to Columbus feeling nearly fully recovered.  Another neural therapy session that morning, followed by another I.V.  I was cautious and declined both EDTA and DMPS, opting for a purely nutritional and restorative treatment.

By the time I got home, I had excruciating pain in my neck and spine.  Every vertebra in my back ached as well.  I spent the day in bed, observing the pain move to my kidneys and head.  By early evening, I had a high fever.

Time for an emergency call into Doc.  "You may have some bacteria in the picc line that is getting pushed into your system when you do an I.V.," he suggested.  "Can you come in tomorrow for a culture?"

The thought of driving with a high fever was mind-boggling.  I suffered through a night of high fever (again to 102.5) and nausea.  Just before daybreak, I reached my local M.D., who sent me to E.R.  Hours later, with my fever coming down, my picc line was removed and I went home to sleep.  I wasn't able to eat anything until later that evening.

So now I am without a picc line.  It is such a joy to take showers and baths without having to keep my left arm out of the water.  Aaaaah!  The whole has closed up nicely with only a tiny scar that, with Doc's homeopathic injections, ought to diminish fairly soon.

Meanwhile, I am still weak although it is a full week later.  Two days of high fever in less than a week; two days of fasting.  At least when I step on the scale the needle registers two pounds less!  That, and the freedom from the picc line, are the silver linings of these past two weeks.

The culture of my picc line was negative, but the hospital lab only took the end closest to the heart, not the end sticking out into the air, which is probably where the problem resided, so I'll never know if there was an infection.

Meanwhile, the day before the 2nd fever, the Doc had blood drawn to test a few things.  I learned (or rather got confirmation) that this detox protocol is stressing out my body.

  • my liver enzymes (AST and ALT) were elevated
  • my TSH went way up, although my free T3 went down only a tiny amount
  • my serum folate is still high
Fortunately, I am about to have a 10 day break.  I am leaving for Florida tomorrow.  Yeah!  Sun and surf.  My friend lives a block from the national seashore.  My camera is packed in my purse and ready to click.

I'll be in the panhandle, near Pensacola, and although it won't be swimming weather, it will surely be warmer than the sub zero temperatures we've been having in Ohio the past 3 days.

During my visit, I plan to meet with a practitioner who does Laser Energetic Detox.  My friend has had great results with this protocol. You can read her testimony here.  Discussion of LED

Laser energetic detox is more gentle and less invasive (and less expensive) than the neural therapy and I.V. chelation I've been doing.  My hope is that it will soothe things so that I can continue to work with Doc at a slower pace and still make consistently good progress.  

Perhaps in my next post I'll talk about L.E.D.

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  1. Hey Janis,

    thanks so much for the update. The immune system ramp-up sounds great, but the elevated enzymes must be a little discouraging. Interestingly, the kidney markers weren't elevated as well since IV chelation is typically really stressful on the kidneys.

    The surfing trip sounds awesome! Were you able to do this degree of exercise before you started treatment?

    Have a great time in the sun,


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