Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Energy and Emotional Healing

Thanks to four energy-emotional healing sessions this week, I am feeling MUCH BETTER!

Two were shamanic healings, one a hypnosis coaching session, one worked on releasing trauma in this life and in ancestors.  They all worked together beautifully to bring me out of fear and into POSITIVE emotions. :-)

The physical benefits are that the soles of my feel no longer feel tender and swollen; I am sleeping for long periods during the night; and I can stand for long enough to make meals for myself (not as long as I could before the snowfall-induced adrenaline crash).  The down-side is that I got another cold and spent 2 1/2 days (from Sunday night through Tuesday) with chills even though I was wearing wool long underwear and resting under a down quilt.  All those intense emotions coming out weakened my immune system, but I am bouncing back quickly because I did not board the train to Doom & Gloom.

After reading a friend's blog, I tried visualizing myself well six months from now to shift out of wanting and longing -- states that continually reinforce lack.  It was not easy.  When the hypnotist-coach invited me to do something similar a day or two later, I could not visualize my life three years hence.  The process of remembering how great I felt in the summer of 2007 filled me with grief, and contributed to my getting another cold.

Fortunately, I viewed the cold as something temporary-- a contraction of my energy field due to grief, a typical response of my immune system after a period of stress, a physical manifestation of my lung meridian imbalance due to the intense emotions of sadness.  I thought about running into the doctor to get NT or an i.v., but instead I rested and empowered myself by reminding myself that I could heal on my own.

Today I listened to the Gupta Amygdala Retraining programme sessions 1 and tried the visualization of myself well 6 months from now.  It was easy to do today (remember that it was difficult, even impossible on Monday, and now it is Wednesday.)   I had a big smile on my face.  I could see the champagne flowing at a great celebration party of the New Resurrected Me.

I made up my mind that I am going to radically cut back on going in for neural therapy and i.v.'s.  I find the experience too stressful since my doctor is always late and his office is disorganized. Usually, I am stuck in the office for 3 hours, sometimes 4; on top of that I have over 2 hours of driving.  It is too much to do twice a week.  Furthermore, the chelations keep me from sleeping, and sometimes the neural therapy keeps me from sleeping.  All this has created too much stress  and left me feeling unempowered and deprived of the few good things that nourished my life prior to starting treatment.

On top of this, I stress myself out by worrying about how much money this NT guy charges and how much it has cost me so far!This makes me feel that I have to get better soon because I don't want to keep paying his outrageously high fees.  Then I start to examine my progress and I get filled with doubt.   Every little setback increases my stress response because I start adding up the $$$ and the extra weeks of therapy I might need before I actually function at a higher level.

So here is my new resolve:  After my dental surgery next Monday, I will continue with 2x a week until my stitches come out. Then I will drop down to 1x a week for the month of May and then to 1 every other week as soon as possible, ideally in June.   I think I'll be able to handle every other week without getting unduly stressed out.  Who knows?  I may even try another EDTA chelation once I come to a stable, calm place.

Once I am convinced that I have made progress, and will continue to make progress, I think the rate of my healing will increase exponentially.  I will continue to work with the healers who helped me make a radical shift in attitude.

Anyone who wants to learn more about shamanic healing or energy work or hypno-coaching, feel free to ask in the comments below.


  1. Janis, I would love to hear more about the Shamanic healing and the hypnotherapy.


  2. Janis, I m in Ohio and would like to too see that healer who helped you make a radical shift in attitude, I believe this illness makes us so weak mentally (not just physically) that we become so weak and negative that it only makes our condition worst, so if you dont mind pls let us know the number to call to make appt. How far from Columbus? thank you



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