Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm feeling FABUILOUS!

The Trivedi retreat ended yesterday after 5 pm, and boy did it transform my state!  My excitement is as palpable as champagne bubbles!  And indeed, I even drank champagne yesterday, for Trivedi (known to those of us who love him as Guruji) brought out champagne for all of us to have several tiny sampler glasses.  This was surely one of the highlights of the retreat for an alcohol-intolerant PWC like me, who can't even remember the last time I indulged in a few delicious tastes of that bubbling wine.

Here's what happened.  Twenty bottles of cheap champagne were poured into a large glass vat.  Volunteers filled 200 tiny cups and gave us each one as Guruji guided us to observe the size of the bubbles, the way the bubbles felt on tongue and palate, and the overall enjoyment of flavor and smells.  Then he took 10 minutes to work with his mind to send 'instructions' to the champagne to transform.  Samples were distributed again where we could all compare the blessed and the unblessed champagne.  The blessed champagne had bubbles that were much smaller, abundant, and better distributed.  The taste was also improved.  He did the blessing a second time and we got a third cup.   I even had a fourth cup when they had some extra.

He did this demonstration to help our minds overcome resistance.  We are all so skeptical.  Since we don't understand what he is doing and why it works, we tend to think that it can't really make a difference.  After all, how powerful are thoughts?

Well I have experience with the power of negative thinking.  I know how I can make myself depressed.  I how can make myself tremble with fear.  How I can make myself sleepless and restless, angry or self-pitying.  All such emotional states have a toxic impact on my physical state.  They make it worse, each in their own creative way.

Although I believe in the power of positive thinking, I've had less noticeable success in this area.  If I'm feeling down, I'm not so good at changing my thought patterns and seeing immediate results in my physical state.  It is easier to fall than to climb a mountain, easier to relapse than repair, easier to fall from grace than to regain it, easier to lose money than to recover my losses.  That has been my life experience, and therefore it has become deeply ingrained in my thinking.

Yet I have 'talked myself' out of pain during dental procedures (without anesthesia/lildocaine) by diverting my thinking onto pleasant, happy memories.  I have shifted my conscious awareness away from my surgery site so I never needed painkillers after my eye surgeries. 

Trivedi makes me aware of my connection to the Divine.  Since I believe God has unlimited power, and certainly the power to create miracles, all I really need to do is remain aware of that amazing, expansive connection.

Energy flows naturally.  We see that with heat, with light, with electricity.  It's in its nature.  It is its nature.  As the physicists tell us,  both particle and wave co-exist in all matter.  The Divine healing energy is always flowing but I often block its flow through me with my thoughts.

I won't bore you with all the details of the retreat (at least not today.)  The important thing is that, by Sunday afternoon, when I closed my eyes to pray for what I wanted at the beginning of each blessing, I suddenly realized that I have already received EVERYTHING.  My body and mind could take a little time to catch up -- the way Dr. Cheney described his body taking eight months to realize that it had the heart of an 18 year old and no longer needed to tamp things down.  So I ended the retreat asking not for physical healing, but for things like more loving relationships, abundance, creativity, and peace of mind.

When my friend came home at lunch time, he said I now seemed just like he remembered me when we met some 28 years ago.  That was the most awesome testimony I could ask for.

For those interested in being part of a Trivedi ME-CFS study, you'll hear from me soon. 


  1. Hi Janis,
    I would very much like to be a part of the trivedi trial. you can contact me at

  2. i appreciate being able to read your posts. I think that I need to go back and work through your posts as I do not quite know how to get a handle on exactly what is happening to you. Any advice on how to approach this?


  3. Chris, I just wrote a response but for some reason it did not get posted. I will be brief. Look at the website for the Trivedi Foundation, read as many of the scientific studies as you can. When you understand that he has scientific validation of his ability to stop the pathogenic activity of fungus, virus, and bacteria in plants, etc, as well as to change DNA, this could explain. I focus now on my thinking patterns to avoid the trap of negative conditioning bringing doubt, fear, etc. to divert my body from healing.

  4. Can he do these healings from a distance for patients who are bedbound? Glad you are doing better!

  5. Janis,
    It sounds like you have been in quite a battle since we last saw each other. I wondered what became of you and was surprised when I found these posts linked to you. I didn't realize that you had such a condition. I hope things are improving for you.
    Also, the Knox County Art League is having a poetry reading, at their new gallery (15 N Main), on Saturday, August 14 from 6-9 pm if you are interested.
    Your Yoga Buddy,

  6. Hi Janis,
    I am glad to have found your personal blog. I have read your comments on the other cfs blogs. I am hoping you won't mind answering some questions for me as a newbie to the methylation protocol. I first saw your many posts on the prohealth site, then spent hours and days reviewing all I could about rich's hypotheses, user feedback, and information about the protocol. I happily registered on the cfs site ( on June 13th, then received my intial conf. that I would be approved in 48 hrs by the administrator...but this has yet to happen!! I need the email of an adminstator for that site that I can directly email with this problem...I keep trying to login (user holisticgal), and it says 'inactive' status, so I cannot read any files or download anything important. I already ordered and received all my sups. to start the protocol, but I want to read everything before I start too quickly, etc. Can you maybe help??? I know this is not really your job or anything, but you are one of the more informed and seasoned users of this protocol and the sites, so I thought I would reach out to you with my plea for assistance. It is frustrating that there is not a direct email address for a site adminstrator to contact them to fix this problem... I don't want to email Rich directly at his aol, as I am SURE he gets way too many other medical questions there to take his time away for something like this, you know? Feel free to post my holisticgal user name directly on my behalf on the blog if needed, too. You can reply here and I will check back. If you want me to email you direct, just post a diff. address here, ok? THANK YOU, Janis!
    holisticgal in California

  7. Hi Holisticgal: I will call the administrators. They sold their condo around that time and had to pack and move; they are currently on their way to Arizona to stay with friends. I'm sure it was unintential. In the meantime, also go to yahoo groups and join where you will find many well informed people doing the methylation protocol, both simplified and full Yasko.

  8. Will do, Janis! Thank you so much for your help (who knew you had the direct line?). :) Lucky me. I think I joined there too, just have not read much yet there. Glad to know it will be informative there, too.
    Look forward to communicating with you more. Is this the best place for you? I have tried some other energy therapies, essential oils, and body treatments that are unconventional and more leading edge that have helped me along the way, and would definitely like to share. I am happy you are feeling fabulous. (Long overdue, I know.) I could tell by reading this post that you are sensitive to energy work too, so maybe some things I have used (if you haven't) could help you as well. Thank you for starting your blog and all the time and attention you put into helping others, and spreading information. It is so significant what you are doing. I especially wanted to hug you and pat you on the back when I read your previous post about getting the prescription for antibiotics, but knowing better, doing all you could for yourself to boost your immune system instead. So commendable, Janis. If no one has lately said, 'good for you, your efforts are appreciated,' let me be one to say so now.
    I look forward to reading more as I am able, and getting to 'know' you.
    Much appreciation, sleep well,


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