Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Dream Come True

5 1/2 months after meeting Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, my dream of a happy, fulfilling life is coming true.

I have received so much from the Divine energy that Mr. Trivedi makes available to all of us who long to be whole, healthy, and happy -- so much that I am reveling in gratitude and fun.  Each week I move closer to my vision of robust health and vibrant energy.  More details later.

This week marks the realization of another dream:  a research study on the Trivedi Effect with ME-CFS patients.  We started yesterday with a small group of 11 people  meeting with Mr. Trivedi in Santa Cruz.  He spoke for awhile, answered questions, and then gave everyone in the group a blessing.

Although our study protocol was set up to do a telephone conference and blessing today with the other 30 or so participants, Mr. Trivedi (whom I call Guruji, meaning 'respected  teacher') was so very enthusiastic about helping these sick people, that he invited all of them to join the call today.  Consequently, we had a very lively call with quite a bit of conversation.

Guruji asked people from this group to talk about what they experienced over the last 20 hours.  One woman said she felt more peaceful, calm, and energized.  Another said she felt exhilarated.  A third said she realized she had a lot more energy at dinnertime last night, even though she was tired today after traveling 6 hours yesterday for the meeting.  

Our host was Sheila Ulrich, the author of  Living from the Heart, Song of My Soul, and Be a Cancer SurvivorSheila continues to inspire people with her blog as she shares the wisdom she has gained from her healing journey.  Her calm presence and her articulate explanations enriched our call and were 'inspiring' to at least one participant who wrote to me privately after the call.

Guruji started out by speaking about medical theories of illness.  He said that whenever a new illness comes along, there is lots of research for many years on it. After a decade or so, someone will come up with a theory, and everyone will think that is the cause of the illness until, 10 years later, another researcher proposes a different theory.  To my mind, he was telling us Don't worry about what is causing your illness, this symptom or that symptom.  The theories will change again and again.  To get well, we do not need to know what the medical researchers think.  They don't really know.  Only the divine knows the truth.  And the Divine will guide our transformation back to health.

Then, he spoke at length about the energy that he has been sharing with people for the past 15 years and testing in scientific laboratories with living things (plants, animals, microorganisms) and solid matter. (To read more, go to  He explained that he works with a unified energy field, and compared this idea to Albert Einstein's theories of the unifying principles of all energy.  The details were above my comprehension, but I got the point that this energy is much more powerful than all the little, specific kinds of energy we often talk about, such as cell phone radiation, gamma rays, x rays, sound, heat, electro-magnetic energy, and so on. These small forms of energy do not block this powerful universal energy. 

Guruji also emphasized that this energy, which he refers to as the Divine energy, is intelligent.  It 'knows' exactly what must be done for each individual.  One person might need to find a mate to be happy, another might need to improve finances, a third might need to release pent-up grief and anger.  The energy starts working on each individual, producing whatever transformation that person seeks, in its own way.  Guruji has explained at other times that we can pray for what we want, but we cannot set a time line for transformation.  Nor can we determine the order in which things will happen.  We must try to release our limiting beliefs and trust in the wisdom of divine intelligence to give us exactly what we need.

As our ability to listen and trust expands, we begin to hear our inner voice guiding us.  This is when we must be vigilant to act on our inner guidance as we let go of inhibitions and restraints that previously caused us to compromise or to deny what our spirit needs.

We deny spirit to please others, to get approval from others, to conform to social mores and conventions, to fulfill parental and familial expectations.  When we deny spirit, we create an unhealthy situation inside.  We build up negative emotions leading ultimately to hopelessness and despair.  And we build up physical disease.  As we learn to listen to spirit, to act on our inner voice, and to release the limiting beliefs of our previous experience, spirit begins to do its work of kicking out diseases from our bodies.

Consequently, when one woman said that she started crying throughout the blessing, Guruji responded that crying was a very good response!  It showed that the energy was working to clear out all the past traumas from compromising spirit.

Near the end, we had a few questions. After having been sick for the last 2 days from going into a moldy building to eat dinner and listen to a lecture, I asked whether this energy could be used to rid buildings of mold for those of us who are very mold sensitive.  Guruji answered that mold sensitivity is common in spiritual people, because our bodies do not want to be contaminated by anything that is harmful!  He said that mold remediation (cleaning) of our living spaces and avoidance of mold in public buildings is the only way to deal with the mold issue, because we don't want our bodies and our spirit to become less sensitive to things that are bad for it.  He shared that he also cannot tolerate mold, and told us that he recently had to cancel a retreat scheduled for the end of October in Charleston SC because the retreat hotel had mold contamination.  Then he went on to say that those of us who were sensitive would ultimately help others avoid getting sick.

This is a very interesting way to think differently about a situation that many of us see as a problem with our bodies.  Because we react to so many places in the outside world as 'toxic', we begin to see the world around us an 'unsafe.'  The image of all of us getting well and saving others from the toxic effects of mold and chemicals brings a smile to my face.  May it become a reality within my lifetime! 

Those of you who've heard Guruji know that my words are a poor paraphrase of his words, but it is the best I can offer with my limited understanding of this energy.  It is much easier for me to talk about how I experience the blessings.  And I will do that at another time.


  1. Hello Janis, I was one of the sick people who had the chance to participate in the Trivedi blessing.I want to thank you for this explanation, because I couldn't understand most of the words of Mr.Trivedi, but even not understanding, it was very amazing...I can't find the perfect word to describe it. Thank you again, for your post, and of course for giving me the chance to be there, with you.

  2. Absolutely beautifully said Janis!!
    A perfect representation of the message of yesterdays blessing.

    Thank you
    Sheila Ulrich

  3. thanks, janis, for yr blog post. i was prt of the group and i think, after reading yr blog post, that i was only able to get about 10% of what mr. trivedi said while i was listening to him "live." so thanks for the additional 90%. and for setting up this study. and sheila is a gem of a person. great choice for a lovely study moderator! and big thanks to the forum moderator, too!

    i did not feel a response to the blessing, yet, but am hopeful that i will in my future work with this study and the future blessings. i am also hopeful that mr. trivedi will come to learn more about those of use who struggle with ME/CFS, and how vulnerable we are to harsh tones and words, which i think he may be prone use when he gets impatient, even in his efforts to help sick people.

    again, thank you, janis and sheila, for EVERYTHING.

    it is a blessing just to get to work with you two.

  4. smells like rubbish to me

  5. Janis,

    This is very similar to what I have read and experienced in the energy training and reading that I have done. The key here is that he seems to be much more powerful at helping the energy flow. Glad you're doing better!

  6. Hello Janis,
    I'd be interested in how your personal healing journey with the Blessings continued. I am going through the Master Blessing series with intense processes. I don't have your condition though. The last months were characterized by getting worse before getting better. That's why I found it encouraging to read about your experiences and improvements. So it would be great if you would continue to share about your process.

  7. I stopped listening to Mr. Trivedi's "blessing" calls, after overhearing a second call to a different group, where folks were offered a special deal on "blessings"..."Three, for the price of one, but only if you act today".

    A true healer doesn't SELL blessings like an infomercial.

    If you felt any benefit, you're in the vast minority, as your study will show, if you ever publish it. I say that reluctantly of course. And while I'm happy for you, I don't think your improvement is due to any supernatural energy healing from Trivedi. It may be due however to the fact that he was able to get you to stop obsessing about every little thing you were doing treatment-wise, and instead, concentrate on just letting go, resting, and thus allowing your body to heal.


    I too would be interested in hearing an update, and again, am glad you're doing better, but still don't believe it is due to any miraculous healing powers of this fraudulant man.

  8. To Anonymous (above)...
    He does offer a no questions asked refund on blessings if you feel you have not received any benefit. That's important to know.
    I took advantage of that refund after getting a remote individual blessing and not noticing any change.
    I got a refund and am putting that toward a master blessing. If I fail to notice anything from the master blessing, I'll get a refund from that also.

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