Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Something IS making a difference

I can’t report that I’m miraculously ‘cured’ in the pristine air of a high desert wilderness area as some individuals on the Phoenix Rising forum have claimed.  But something is making a difference.

At the wedding on Saturday night, I danced for nearly two hours.  I rested often between songs, but sometimes did 2 or 3 songs in a row.  It was so much fun!  And I didn’t have the ‘pay the price’ the next morning. 

My inner voice guided me to leave as soon as I started to feel a bit chilled.  I wore wool long underwear and socks to sleep to make it easier on my body, as maintaining body temperature takes energy, and I wanted the maximum energy for recovery and repair.  In the past, when I’ve done too much exercise, I would start to feel cold regardless of the ambient temperature, as my body shut down its ability to make ATP, the energy molecule.  This time, I was warm all night, despite the drop into the 40’s during the night, and I slept fairly well, waking more often than normal to eliminate the many refills of water and lemonade which kept me hydrated during the party.  What a delight to enjoy a party again!  May all of you reach this point in your recovery!

The next morning, I did yoga out in the sunshine, meditated, and then received an energy transmission from Guruji Mahendra Trivedi which supported the self-healing powers of my body sufficiently to remove any vestige of soreness or of that hit-by-a-mack-truck feeling which usually greets me after a day of activity indulgence.

This same Sunday also marked my adjustment to the high elevation (about 8000-9000 feet).  At our new campsite, along the edge of Chalk Creek near Mt. Princeton, I’ve been able to walk back and forth to the toilet, up and down a little hill, without shortness of breath, weak legs and the urge to sit down.   

In the week leading up to the wedding, we camped for two nights in Keyser, a campsite in the Pike National Forest about midway between the fishing village of Deckers and the ranching village of Buffalo Creek.  We waded and dunked in the Platt River and then drove through some amazing rock formations, understanding why this range is called the Rocky Mountains.

The campsite was more primitive than I’d expected, but after about 3 hours driving round and round on dirt roads, I was willing to take anything offering scenery and privacy.  We had running water and composting toilets.  I used my respirator once and then used a jug from Doctor’s Data designed for 24 hour urine collections, which allowed me to quickly become an expert in voiding in a standing position.  I hiked behind fallen logs and trees to defecate and do my coffee enemas, collecting in doggy poop bags and used coffee cups for later dumping in the toilets.  I sat at the picnic table and took care of washing my contact lenses over one of our plastic cereal bowls.  It was surprisingly un-stressful.  I moved into the tent when the temperature and light dropped around 8:30, and slept from sunset to sunrise.

I was looking forward to three nights in a bed at the lovely Anchorage Inn, but after taking a nap on the day of our arrival and waking up sick, I knew I would not tolerate the place for the evening.  I enjoyed a hot bath in their Jacuzzi, went to dinner with my family, and set up my bed in the back of our pick-up truck. 

Despite these precautions, my short exposure to the inside air, where barn cats sneak in and dust from the stables and dirt roads leaves a thin veil over everything, left me quite ill by morning.  I woke with the old mold symptom of sinus headache, congestion and bloody mucous, and a piercing cramp in my calf.  I wouldn’t have associated all these with mold reactions if I hadn’t read Shoemaker’s Surviving Mold, where he explains how these symptoms arise from elevated C4a and other inflammatory markers.   I enjoyed the best breakfast I’ve had on this trip – poached eggs over sautéed mushrooms with a tarragon cream sauce – and then departed in search of a cleaner environment.  With a master blessing from Guruji Mahendra Trivedi scheduled for that morning, I set my intention to accelerate the self-healing process so that I would quickly recover from the set back.  And I did!  All afternoon I visited with family, and when the evening rehearsal dinner arrived, I felt good enough to enjoy three more hours of conversation, great food, and a few delicious sips of wine.

The wedding was held at a ranch about 15 minutes away.  We stopped there to hang out with family and learned we could camp along the creek on the back of their property.  It was the perfect solution.  We got our meals with the wedding party, used my cousin’s cabin to shower and dress, and had total privacy and quiet and night with the most splendid views of rock outcroppings named cathedral pinnacles and lion’s head.

After the wedding, we headed southwest to the Arkansas River Headwaters area, found a beautiful site by Chalk creek with an awesome view of the white cliffs and the peak of Mt. Princeton, and the next day enjoyed a visit to the Cottonwood Hot Springs and a brief dip in frigid Cottonwood Lake.   I got tired at the hot springs, which was not surprising since I dehydrate easily and drinking water passes through me like a stream, but I felt reinvigorated after the dip in the lake.  Now I’m getting ready for another fantastic blessing.

I am SO BLESSED to be recovering at such a wonderful pace with fresh air and Guruji’s amazing energy transmissions.

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  1. Hi, I have just read your blog. I have also been ill for a few years. I have recently been diagnosed with cocsackie b 1 through to 6. With 3 being the highest. I had massive cripling chest and abdomonal pain.

    Since then then I have done 12 twelve IV ozone treatments at a small clinic. The ozone(3% ozone, the rest pure oxygen) is fed directly into the vein at exactly 1cc per minute. When I started I could only tolerate 15 minutes. Now I can do up to 1H15, although today I could only do 30 min. Our bodies are highlty polluted.

    The chest pain went away after 2 sessions and the abd pain not long after.I went through terrible die off and hard core detox but as I write this I am completly symtom free. I plan to carry on to kill the virus and any others I might have.

    Just out of interest to any one else reading this there are people who I have become friends with who are beating "terminal" cancer and have stopped their chemo at the same clinic.


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