Sunday, December 18, 2011

Live from Phoenix

I’m writing live from the new Trivedi center in Scottsdale Arizona.  The energy here is tremendous, infused with joy and truth.  It’s an amazing experience to feel so good and so consistently over the course of the day.  I hope someday to feel this way 24/7 without Mr. Trivedi’s assistance, for the energy he transmits from the Divine is present for all of us all of the time.

I found a beautiful place to camp at McDowell Mountain Regional Park.  The park sits in a valley surrounded by mountains.  Each site is spacious with ample parking, spacious tent sites, electric and water hookups, and magnificent views.  I arrived after a 5 hour drive from Desert Hot Springs on a windy day.  The tent wrapped itself around my space heater before I could stake it in. As a result, I didn’t get it oriented the way I’d wanted – which was to face the snow-capped peak in the distance.  Yet everything was perfect, as it turned out, for in the morning I discussed I was facing the rising sun.  And sunrise is one of my favorite moments of the day.

For most of my years with CFS, I didn’t see the sunset.  Previous to that fateful year (1987), I was a night owl who could barely rise before 8:30 am.  I always wanted to be an early riser, and often had a few days of that experience when the time shifted around daylight savings.  Now that I’m camping, and falling asleep with ease, I wake almost every morning at the crack of dawn.  And I love it.

This morning, however, the rain was pinging on the nylon tent fly at the crack of dawn, which led me to close my eyes and try to sleep a bit longer.  I ended up meditating and enjoying the luminous energy inside that Mr. Trivedi shared with me yesterday.  During that meditation I had several insights about my journey.  Above all, I stopped feeling upset about the difficulty I’ve had finding indoor housing and started to appreciate how fortunate I was to be living peacefully outdoors, even if not living with ease and the kind of material abundance I previously enjoyed.  At least I am living with a calm mind, with inner joy, and with simplicity.  It’s a big change from waking in the morning and having to write a list of thing to do before I can even clear my mind for a bit to meditate. 

I still don’t know where I’m supposed to spend the rest of the winter.  I like this area.  The weather is a bit milder than in the desert of Eastern California.  It’s easy to drive at night with the wide lanes and bright reflectors.  But I also feel incredibly drawn to Palm Springs.  Now that I can walk around a bit, I like the idea of being in a small city where I can walk on short errands rather than driving.  And, I started taking classes at a yoga studio which is heated to 105 degrees.  It’s not a strict Bickram class (only an hour and somewhat more gentle), but I sweat like crazy and feel as if I’m releasing oodles of toxins.

Before I end, I just want to add that the energy transmissions Mr. Trivedi gives also seem to support the release of toxins.  I don’t know if any research studies have been done to this effect, but according to the principles of quantum physics, two energies cannot occupy the same space at the same time. So if the scintillating energy of divine grace enters a cell, or an organ, it would follow that toxins are released at that same time.  Someday I’d like to see this tested.   


  1. Hello! Wondering if you could email me with your experience w/ Dr. Vinitsky? I am desperate to find a good Dr. Thank you!

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  3. Would you mind sharing the name of the campground. We are on our way to AZ in about a month and still looking for a safe place to place our RV.


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