Friday, March 15, 2013

And the winner of the debate is....

Last week I started the Altwaters Technology drops with a mixture of doubt, skepticism, and optimism.  Doubt arose from my long journey with three relapses and many products and therapies, skepticism from my inability to comprehend structured water, and optimism from my phone conversation with Carol Keppler, the founder of Altwaters Technologies.

Now I’m a believer, but it took overdosing on the drops and feeling really crappy to believe that anything was happening from them.

Carol suggested I start slowly because I am sensitive to energies. I took one drop twice a day and felt better than usual upon waking. I was hungrier than usual during the day and more tired than usual after taking a hike. In fact, I felt like I had PEM all over again and got a little worried.  I took it easy the next two days as I was still pretty tired, and find myself feeling colder than usual. I figured this was either due to the drops, or to the normal, unpredictable ups and downs of living with ME-CFS.

By the fourth day, I was aching everywhere, which was an old, very familiar feeling. To my great pleasure, it reminded me of how far I’ve come over the years. I called the Lymie who recommended this stuff.  “What specific benefits did you get?” I asked.

She went on at length, with great enthusiasm, about how she had overcome her resistance towards exercise and how she was now standing up for herself and living her life the way she wanted to. She told me it was okay to stay on my supplements and decrease when I felt I no longer wanted them. 

I resumed everything the next day. Since I felt better, I increased to 3 drops with the intention of doing them twice a day, but the weather turned hot, and when I was thirsty, I drank the second bottle. Feeling nothing by evening from this increase, I took another 3 drops at night. 

Tuesday I felt terrific. I put 15 drops in my bottle, intending to divide it over the course of the day (having gone from 4 to 9 with no problem, it seemed safe enough. In fact, I really wasn’t worried about being safe, as by now I was convinced that the drops weren’t doing anything anyway. I was stronger than ever at my yoga Pilates course and my mood was wonderful. And so I took another 15 drops in the evening. That began my downfall.

 I barely slept but I thought it was due to one of the questionable supplements, Olenoate.  I took another 15 drops in the morning, and then BAM!  I was too exhausted to move.  I could barely sit up at a film.  I lay around all day, unable to sleep or deeply relax.  When I walked, my legs felt like lead. When I closed my eyes, a trillion electric sparks seemed to whirl inside me. It was like full blown ME-CFS, but something was different.

My Lymie friend said I’d probably overdosed and should take a 1-2 day break. I took her advice, slept better and felt terrific the next day – strong, alert, and happy.

This was the end of the first week, and I can now see the pattern.  When I detox electrical overload with the drops, I get a worsening of symptoms and a return of old symptoms.  My body feels strong for a day, and then starts to detox again.

This is the pattern of self-healing I learned about from Dr.Larry Wilson, consultant to ARL Labs, a company specializing in hair mineral analysis and mineral supplements.  Their founder, Paul Eck, discovered that supporting the adrenals and raising deficient minerals helps the body to heal itself. There is a rhythm to this process that can be visualized as a brick wall with a few bad bricks (let’s imagine lead bricks where there should be calcium.) Unless those bad bricks are on the top of the wall –eg. a very recent symptom – one has to disassemble the bricks above to replace the lead bricks with calcium, and then rebuild. During the demolition, a person feels as if they’ve reverted to the past. During the rebuilding, they start to feel better. Once the wall has been rebuilt, there’s a really good day until the inner construction Hair_Mineral_testing_graphicproject manager finds another place to demolish and repair.  This diagram was developed to indicate the relationships between essential and toxic minerals that Eck discovered over the course of his career through testing and supplementation.  It's a fascinating system.  Following ARL's guidelines, I brought my hair minerals into balance over a period of 7 years. You can read more about their approach at the two links above.

 Now I’m readying myself for the second week of drops and for new surprises.


  1. Sounds like my reaction to CellFood which is another dissolved oxygen product with trace minerals. But, after adding CellFood to an InterFase protocol for a week, I felt like my insides were burning up. Oddly, my appetite went way up -- I never felt full, and unfortunately gained many pounds within a week. I found that demand for amino acids, maybe glutamine in particular, went up 5x what they were before. I had to up my dose of whey protein isolate from 50g/day to 150g (!) to feel the same as before. Then I took the CellFood out because it was too much for me to handle.

  2. fantastic post guys i really like it keep posting like this thanks



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