Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hope v OMG did I get swindled?

Most of you know what it’s like when a friend has great results with something and insists you try it. I usually balk. I’ve tried a gazillion supplements and herbs and therapies. I try to be open-minded, because I know that when one door closes another opens. But I’m too jaded after 25 years to run through every open door.  I look through it, to extend the metaphor, and if what I see looks inviting one day after another, I walk through.

Done with metaphors. A friend who has chronic Lyme but not CFS tells me she’s getting fantastic results with this water that’s impeded with frequencies.

“Uh huh,” I say, trying to be polite.

“You have to try it.” 

Come on, I think. “I’ll take a look at it,” I say. “What’s the website?”

The next day she calls, and e-mails that she let them know I was going to call and that they’d be able to do a scan for me on Monday.  I don’t listen to the voicemail and don’t call back. But I do decide to look at the website.

I read what I can, click on one of the interviews, turn it off after a few minutes. I am full of skepticism, but my friend is pretty damned insistent.  She’s so excited about this technology that she wants to study it and master it and use it in her healing practice.  I won’t agree to a scan but I do agree to a free 15 minute consultation.  It’s the least I can do, right? 

Before the interview with Carol, I ask her assistant to send me a sample scan so I can see what I (might) be getting into. My suspicions are confirmed.  I look at the numbers in every category and then at the scale on the bottom. I’m probably a -90 in every category.  Maybe just a -30 (=disease) in inflammation now that I’ve improved over the past year. I tell myself I’ll try one bottle of whatever Carol recommends for me and see how I do. If there’s a possibility it could make me less sensitive to things that make a bed soft, I’ll go for it. Sleeping on a hard aluminum surface is getting old.  The organic futons and the chem.-free 100% cotton blankets, even after washing, are going back. Carol is a medical intuitive. I’m mentally ready to hear something about my throat chakra –which I already know is giving me challenges and seems to be the current locale for holding stress.

I’m browsing the product list when Carol calls.  Her voice is nice. She starts relating information about herself which I’ve already read on the website.  I interrupt.  “I’m wondering which product would be best for me to start,” I say.

“Stress reduction,” she says right away, and my heart sinks.  I know I’ve been stressed out.  Isn’t everyone with this illness, especially when I get a reaction to something or other. The night before last was particularly bad because I tried the blankets again. It’s the same old thing.

But Carol goes on, and on, and before I know it, I’m interested in what she has to say.  She’s picking up that I’m extremely sensitive, and that I must have grown up with mold and either financial or emotional stresses (both), and she’s explaining how this affects the energy and electrical systems in the body.  It’s not hard science, but it’s making sense.  Before long, I’m ready to start the entire program of four products that get dropped into water, one each week.  She isn’t persuasive at all, which makes it all the more odd that I’ve had this 180 degree shift.

I ask for clarification about the stress reduction product.

“I don’t think you need that,” she says, now that I’m picking up more about you.  “You’re very intuitive,” she tells me, “currently at 90%. When you finish our program, you have the capacity to be up to 100%.”

How wonderful!  The main benefit I’ve experienced from the energy transmissions of Dahryn and Mahendra Trivedi is a huge shift in my intuition, in being able to listen, and in having the courage to follow through with what I need to do.  I need that extra 10% so I won’t order something else to sleep on that isn’t going to work out, I think.  I tell Carol I’ll go ahead with the full program, but I don’t think I need a scan. 

“You don’t,” she says.  “I’ve already picked up that your ability to repair is at minus 90.”

OMG, I think, that’s exactly what I guessed. I’ve been feeling her words penetrate into my heart chakra.  I’m feeling full of love, a wonderful amazing feeling, reluctant to get off the phone.  If I could feel this way all the time. “I don’t know why I feel compelled to say this, but ‘I love you’,” I say.

When we hang, I’m smiling from ear to ear, my love and joy are so great I want to hug the world. The sky looks bluer, the mountains more majestic. Airborn like a helium balloon, I put on my swimsuit and skip off to the pools thinking, finally,I’m going to recover with this product.

It only takes a split second for that feeling to shift from a dark thought.  I can’t believe I just spent all that money on frequencies when I’ve done that stuff before.  I must be crazy.

And so it is, that sadness overwhelms me.  Even though I lie out in the sun in air close to 80 degrees. Even though the young woman next to me tells me she thought I was a teenage when I was lying next to her with my face and gray hair covered. Even though I still have the memory of feeling overcome by love. Even though I’ve told myself to think positively….

I’m deeply aware that my belief system keeps me from healing.  I am doing better, but after 25 years, my identity has shifted to that of PWC with neurocognitive issues at constant risk of relapse, now turned mold survivor.  I wasn’t to think differently, but I don’t know how. 

Maybe one of the products can help with that.  Didn’t she say there was one to clear emotional memories and beliefs?

(PS, the products arrived today and I’ll start them tomorrow and write updates.)

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  1. I really enjoy your writing style, Janis. When I first glanced at it yesterday and often in your posts and others comments on FB, It almost felt, and often times, feels, like you are speaking a different language, but today I read it (slowly) from beginning to end and was able to really get into your journey. You gave it a sense of humor, even though this can not be an easy plight. As a person who has never known of this disorder, I have become very curious to learn more about it from you. I thank God for my own good health and the freedom I enjoy every day. Like a happy ending to a life story, I am hopeful for yours too.


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