Friday, March 8, 2013

Skeptic debates Believer

Believer:  I got benefits from frequency things in the past.  I tried Bach Flower Essences and other remedies but never felt a shift, yet when I studied color healing with Jacob Lieberman, I was able to sense changes in response to different colors. My roommate at that training told me about an Australian company that made color essences, which I ordered and used with success.  I even gave some to a Veterinarian, who reported that she had wonderful results with horses. 

Skeptic: I was getting better anyway.  Before I saw Lieberman I was able to take hour walks and sprint 5x across a soccer field.  Working with the Sota Instruments electromedicine pulser seemed to make a difference by forcing nutrients into the cells.  These subtle potions did nothing after I crashed from the fast, which proves they were useless.

Believer: I went to Sound Healing in Albany, OH where they tested my voice and gave me tones to listen to.  These definitely made a difference—and they picked up  my known cortisol and B12 issues.  I got such great results that I wrote a testimonial for them.

Skeptic: Don’t we usually get results when we want something to work?  I read on ProHealth and Phoenix Rising about all kinds of fabulous progress from people, and three months later they were back online looking for something else.  The tones didn’t bring me to wellness and I relapsed again.  After the relapse, I tried to use them but the technology was challenging. This CFS-ME is a relapsing illness.  You probably could’ve improved by eating potato chips!

Believer:  Well even if I don’t completely recover this time—but I might, because in the past I was trying things while living in a moldy house—I’ll welcome anything that improves my quality of life.

Skeptic: I never got anywhere with Willard’s Water, nor with the water imbedded with personalized frequencies from any of those Biotron and QXCI machines, nor the stuff from the Psychotronics Conference, nor any other drops added to water to make it alkaline, absorbent, structured, vibrating, happy….

Believer: Cut it out! I did get amazing results from Yuri Kronn’s Quantum waters, even before I knew anything about them. There was one that made me relax better than any pill; another that worked like magic against constipation.  I wish he’d stayed in business.   

Skeptic:  I opened my first bottle of drops from Altwater Technologies, and made myself a half quart of structured water designed to clear electrical energy.  I don’t expect anything much to happen right away.  Carol told me to dissolve one drop in a quart or more of water—the normal dose is to start with a half dropperful, e.g. 10 drops, but she said I’m too sensitive for that dose. Then I found the packet of salt I was supposed to mix up in the water, so I mixed up another half-quart.
Meanwhile, I’m grumping because she wants me to eat a vegetarian diet, forgo coffee, tea and alcohol, and I’m just not going to do it!  I went without caffeine and alcohol for 15 years and now I can tolerate them and …. What’s the point of getting well if you can’t enjoy these things?

5 pm
Believer:  Is there a connection between the water and this weird feeling in my body?  I lie on my yoga mat waiting for a Pilates fusion class and every cell in my body feels like it’s vibrating…Okay, the teacher’s a hunk, but too young.
  And then there’s this tightness in my neck and shoulders, like I used to feel from sitting at the computer for hours on end.  I’ll work it out in class.
  After class, the tightness is still here.  Ugh! All the lymph spots on my clavicles are tender.  So are the spots on the mastoid and the temples and the knees.

7 pm
   Soaking in the hot mineral pools isn’t enough to relieve my discomfort.  This feels like congested lymph.  Is the water causing this? It could be mobilizing toxins faster than my body can eliminate them?  
Skeptic: Maybe I'm just stiff because I did two backbends Tuesday and took a hike Wednesday and I'm not taking all my supplements.


  1. Oh my goodness. I am so glad I found your blog!

    After you watch the video at this link, your 'Skeptic' will be front and center, but hopefully your "Believer' will eventually take control.

    If that link doesn't work, search on youtube for this title:

    "I Have Healed from MCS!" (extended version)

    I think you just might see yourself?

    I hope you'll reply after you watch it, and some of the other videos on the channel.



  2. Hi Victoria,

    Thank you for posting. I have had some experience with the Gupta program and know several who have tried it as well as the Annie Hopper approach. It is most thoughtful of you to reach out, and normal, for most of us want to help others when we solve, or think we have solved, our own problems.

    I am not drawn to either of these programs for two reasons. First, as a long-time practicing yogi and meditator, I learned to shift my focus to move out of pain to the point where I needed no drugs after each of my 3 eye surgeries and used meditation with a CES device at the dentist instead of receiving novacaine. Much amygdala activity is characteristic of PTSD, which I had in a very bad way from 1991-1997, but through my spiritual practice was able to shift my brain response.

    People often think that MCS is identical to ME-CFS or CIRS/mold illness because of the shared sensitivity to chemicals that trigger the brain through the olfactory nerve, presumably activating the NMDA receptors. Many people with CIRS/mold-illness and ME-CFS develop MCS, but the conditions are not identical.

    I don't know about research on MCS other than that of Martin Pall, who posits the same mechanism of NO-ONOO damage to cellular membranes in both MCS, PTSD, CFS, and GWS. However, I do know the work of Ritchie Shoemaker on CIRS, where the inflammatory cytokine response of the immune system and its impact on hypothalamic regulation has been explained.

    I know the brain is capable of doing amazing things to heal the physical body, and I wish we could seriously interest researchers in testing these programs, not only with MCS, but with illnesses that have overlapping pathophysiologies.

  3. Hi Janis,

    Thank you for taking the time for your kind and thoughtful reply.

    I don't know if this would help with mold or not, but glancing through your blog I saw many mentions of reacting to things besides mold, so that's why I thought this might help you. Wouldn't it be nice to stop running from every scent or smell that are and will always be a part of our world every single day?

    I don't mean that in a condescending way, but it just seems like you're on the same path that so many with MCS are or have been. You end up feeling like 'prey', or at the very least not 'safe' in the world, which I know can be a terrible way to live.

    I also just want to say that maybe it might be helpful if you tried not to analyze everything down to this molecule and that cytokine, but rather look at the forest instead of the trees, and take the same leap of faith that you did with that spiritual advisor Mr. Trividi (sp?) you wrote about. Although I do think you'd have better results from trying this.

    And maybe consider consulting or skyping with one of the new practitioners trained by Hooper. I'm not sure what they charge, but I'm guessing they all have different fees.

    I just hate to see you and others running

    Best of luck,


  4. Hi again Janis,

    I promise I won't comment again, but I just read your review of Dan Nueffer's book, and am even more convinced that the Hooper program would really help you. Maybe if you re-read your own history, or had someone re-read it to you, you'd see what I mean.

    Take care,


  5. Hi,

    I'm a newbie here and so glad to have found you. I've been ill for 25 years with all of it. I'll go into that later. But you were talking about the pain or tenderness after drinking the structured water. I've had the same reaction. I think it is detoxifying too quickly. My elimination system needs some help. While I'm riddled with neurotoxins from heavy metals and biotoxins from toxic mold (and even exposure to a slow Carbon Monoxide leak in the same mold house!)... urgh

    Back to the water though, I just started drinking all my water through the device that makes it structured water, and I think I need to go a little slower. I stopped it for a couple days, and the pain and tenderness went down. I guess it's like working our way up to higher frequencies; we couldn't handle really high all at once, so we have to work our way up.

    Any ideas for the elimination issues? :)

    I also saw your post on wondering about the steps that weren't done, which are included in the Shoemaker Protocol. I'm looking for a practitioner who will follow that protocol myself. And especially if the VIP is having that effect on you, you might want to ask about the steps in between. Just a suggestion, but I know Shoemaker's been at this for like 30 years and his methods are tried and true. He pleads with people to follow the protocol specifically, because of the Biotoxin pathway.

    Anyway, nice to meet you!



  6. Oh, well I just read the previous blog that talks about the product you have for "structured" water. I guess there are some kind of drops you can put in water? I know there are flower essences that do different things like that. But as far as structured water, there's a company that sells products you actually run your water through and it makes it into structured pure water. That's what I have, so I apologize for the mix-up, but it still could be the same thing going on.




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